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Nha xuong An Phu Thuan An Binh Duong (CN1)

SongLong Anphu Industrial Industrial Park is a high quality factory and warehouse industrial park conveniently located near major highways in Thuan An district, Binh Duong Province. It’s only about 20km from Ho Chi Minh City with a major international airport and a major international sea port.

The industrial park complex includes eleven buildings vary in sizes from 1000m2 to 2000m2. The buildings can be used as factories or warehouses. All buildings are occupied at the present time.

Description For The Buildings:          

1.     Sizes vary from 1000m2 to 2000m2 with high ceiling.

2.     Thick concrete floor to allow heavy truck traffic.

3.     Large wide main door allowing easy truck access to the inside.

4.     Some buildings have multiple entrances allowing access to multiple locations in the building.

5.     Most buildings have own office building with view of the factory floor.

6.     Most buildings have guard room by the front gate.

7.     Most buildings have separate restrooms for employees.

8.     Each building is surrounded by high brick providing an additional layer of security.

9.     Each building comes with its own transformer power various in size.  

10.  All buildings have access to a community fire suppression system with two independent water pumps. Each factory has its own fire hydrant located at the guard office by the front gate. Customers are responsible for their own fire prevention equipments.

Fee and Deposit                                                                           

1.     Price varies from $1.8 per m2 to $2 per m2 depending on the size and condition of building. Price is not including 10% VAT tax. Rent is payable in VND based on exchange rate set by Vietcom Bank at billing time.

2.     A six month of rent deposit is required for a five year contract, rents are paid in arrears. A three month of rent deposit is required for a three year contract and rents are paid at the beginning of each month.

Common Services:

1.     Free cleaning service of common area.

Legal Documents

We can provide necessary legal documents needed for your companies to apply for operating licenses, including:

1.     Our operating license in factory rental businesses.

2.     Our license for land use rights.

3.     Project completion certificate of the buildings we rent out.

Copies of licenses can be emailed if requested.

Other Info:

      1.  Google map coordinate: 10°57'10.27"N 106°43'51.16"E

      2.  Google map: DIA OC SONG LONG CN1 




Building SI3: occupied by MYRA, not availabe.



Building KY2: occupied by Tan Hao Co, not available.



Building KY1: occupied by Ngoc Thach Khai Thanh, not avaialbe.



Building SI2: occupied by Fan & Lighting Co., Ltd, not avaialbe.



Building HA1: occupied by AUROLITE, not available.



Building SV1: occupied by Global Technology VN Co., Ltd, not available.



Building SI1: occupied by Vinh Ham company, not avaialbe.



Building TH2: occupied by Thong Hoi Hai company, not availabe.



Building TH1: occupied by Thai Binh mold shop company, not availabe.



Building VA1: occupied by Kim Vinh Phat, not availabe.



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